Siddha Maha Yoga ~ Kundalini Tantric Shaktipat

What is Kundalini?

This kundalini awakening website has been created to help the general public to understand exactly what kundalini is, and is not, and also, just for the love of it. Some words are of a Sanskrit origin, as much of the authors knowledge stems from a study of Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, but also Christianity. The Kundalini energy has also been known by western mysticism as “The Mystical Marriage.” Firstly let’s say what kundalini is not. It is not a flavour of an ice-cream, or fragrance of a perfume. It is not a new age fad. It is something beyond the limitations of words. Basically kundalini is a highly sort after state of supra or super consciousness, also known by certain traditions as Samadhi, Cosmic consciousness, Christ and Buddhic consciousness, and some may even say that it is a path to self-realization and enlightenment. While in this transcended state of consciousness certain Siddhi powers may develop. Siddhi powers are highly advanced levels of psychic abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, Seeing, hearing and feeling. When the kundalini becomes fully active, some would say the we become the living gods that we are, or that we are in direct communication with God, or seeing or being in the presence of Divinity. Possibly one of the most renowned texts about these Siddhi’s are the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali. These writings basically cover Raja Yoga, however, there are many forms of yoga and also other different paths that can be taken to awaken and to activate the kundalini, and ironically there is little or no mention of kundalini in the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali.

Shaktipat - Fastest Method to Awaken Kundalini

Many would say that the fastest and surest way to awaken the kundalini is from a method called Shaktipat. Shiva ShaktiWith shaktipat the recipient needs to do absolutely nothing, only surrender. The person giving shaktipat acts an instrument for the Shakti energy to flow into the person receiving. Shaktipat can be given by a kundalini guru or an enlightened spiritual master in the form of a mantra (sacred words) or by a look or glance, a touch, usually on the ajna chakra, (third eye, the forehead), by thought, by an object like a piece of fruit or a flower, and even by telephone, fax, or these days over the internet. Shakti is the feminine goddess aspect, whereas Shiva is the male. When the two unite, male and female, there is a marriage and thenShiva and Shakti male and female united the sleeping energy at the base of the spine rises up into the head, and beyond, bringing psychological illumination. The phenomena are far beyond words. It is only now with the age of the internet, that these secrets of the mystic masters are now being revealed, and once a person experiences them, they will then either realise, or wonder; why they have been kept secret for so long? Kundalini is often referred to as the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine. Some say the word means ‘coiled’, and the kundalini is represented as a serpent coiled three and a half times in the muladhara, the base chakra, an energy centre, the first of seven chakra’s that are of a spiritual nature, rather than physical. Another less known term for kundalini is ‘pit’ or ‘bowel’. The terminology is irrelevant. The kundalini Herself, could be referred to as an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force, awakened by an individual usually from yoga, breathing exercises, righteous living, prayer and meditation, or sometimes awakened by an accident, a severe blow to the base of the spine, or even from drug misuse. A kundalini awakening can't be described as it is a different experience for everyone. For some it is an inner atomic explosion of light and love, and an infinite expansion of consciousness, for others it is a slow gradual awakening. Again these things are far beyond words. Most of us know what a rose smells like. Try to describe it to someone, it is impossible. Kundalini awakening and the illumination it brings can only be experienced. It is an inner divine experience, beyond the reach of speech and mind. However, the main message being given here, is that now it is open knowledge that from a method called Shaktipat, kundalini can be activated, quickly and safely, and also how kundalini may also awaken by Grace.

Is Kundalini dangerous?

This website is based upon love, not fear. Many would Kundalini awakeningsay that kundalini energy is dangerous, and you need to be in the presence of a kundalini yoga master or guru to safely control this energy, otherwise it can lead to insanity or even death. I would say, yes this is true, so can cannabis, LSD, and cocaine, yet a kundalini awakening is far less harmful than the black market drugs available to the masses. What about death? Yes death is 100% guaranteed with kundalini. Death will come in the form of the absence of greed, lust, arrogance, selfishness, and in their place will be a rebirth of loving kindness, Light, and also an inner indescribable bliss.

Kundalini and Meditation

Meditation in itself is a vast subject. One of the joys of Shaktipat is that you do not need to practice meditation for twenty years to achieve self-realisation and enlightenment. Meditation happens by itself when kundalini is active When you receive shaktipat and the kundalini awakens, meditation becomes a natural and effortless practice. You basically do not need to do anything. Only sit. This has to be the fastest and surest way to self-realization and to experience divinity. From your act of reading this page you are already getting the free ticket, to take you on the journey of your life.


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