Of course we can begin with the story of Adam and Eve. We all know the story. In the garden of Eden there was one tree the tree of knowledge, or the tree of good and evil. God told Adam and Eve they could eatApple the fruit from any tree but this one. Well, what can we say? How can anyone expect not to be tempted. Of course it was the serpent, that tempted Eve. Feminine. Female is also emotion, feeling. Masculine, Adam, as in Adam’s apple, is intellect. So we have the two opposites, emotion and intellect, or feeling and mind, male and female. The tree of knowledge, good and evil.
With kundalini, as with meditation, it is like manure,and it makes everything grow. Good and bad. When kundalini energy rises, whatever seed thought is in ones consciousness, one then has all knowledge pertaining to that thought. Could it be this is why it has been kept such a secret for so long, and the means of achieving it surrounded in mystery?




Looking at European folklore we have the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. (Seven chakras) Snow White is poisoned by the wicked witch. The witch triesSnow White different methods to kill Snow White, until eventually she gives her the poisoned apple. Snow White then falls into a deep sleep, and it is only from a prince kissing her that awakens her from her deep sleep, for them to live in bliss, happily ever after. Again this is the uniting of the male and female. The mystical marriage, kundalini. The self-realization comes from the awakening. We are all asleep. That is why self-realization and enlightenment are also known as spiritual awakenings. We were asleep in the first place, and didn’t even realise it!

In Hinduism it is Shiva and Shakti. It is in their uniting that the kundalini awakens, or the mystical marriage takes place. According to the philosophy of Tantra, the state of ultimate bliss is a transcendence of dualities male-female, energy consciousness, Shiva-Shakti...


In Christian mysticism it is the Shekhinah, the feminine aspect of the descent of the Holy spirit, uniting with the sacred fire at the base of the spine. It is baptism by fire. Was this not what the Last Supper was about? The Holy Grail is the symbolism of the opening of the crown, the crown chakra, the descent of the Holy Spirit. Kundalini energy can be awakened by devotion and deep prayer, manifesting as total surrender. In Hinduism this is known as Bhakti yoga, sincere and deep loving devotion.


Kundalini creates illumination, takes you into samadhi, super consciousness. There is a blinding dazzling light that in Taoism is called Heaven Ki, in the Jewish Kaballah traditions it is known as the pillar of light. In Hinduism it is the Antakharana, or the spiritual or rainbow bridge of light. The Christians see it as descent of the Holy Spirit again in a pillar of light, and in traditional classic oil paintings a white dove is shownDove of Love and Devotion representing the divine energy. When kundalini becomes active the chakras and aura of the subject become enlarged, total bliss beyond the senses can be experienced. Intuition is heightened, there is a safe stimulation of higher clairvoyance that may develop, the persons charisma magnifies. Talents such as poetry and art move towards genius, and other gifts are presented. Ones mental faculties become sharper, the physical body becomes healthier, and there is a huge growth of inner peace, compassion and inner bliss. It certainly is not surprising that kundalini is such a sort after state of consciousness.


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