Regulating Prana is often a major aspect of a Kundalini Awakening. The word "Prana" is a Sanskrit word from India, and means "the energy life force". Every philosophy has its own word for the same thing. From China the word used is "Ch'i" meaning "present in all matter". The Greeks called this all-present life force “Pneuma”. Franz Anton Mesmer called it “Animal Magnetism”, and later recognized it as a “universal energy”.
All matter has an aura, an invisible luminous energy field. This invisible energy can be seen by clairvoyants, and photographed using Kirlian photography, which is based on an extremely high voltage creating a high electrical frequency field, and which allows this etheric body, or aura, to become visible when viewed on light-sensitive paper.
Every person has two "phantoms", an etheric body, consisting of an inner aura that follows the contours approximately four to six inches out from your physical body, and an outer aura, which protrudes approximately three feet away from the body.
When we become sick it is due to a leak of pranic energy from the inner or outer aura. The amount of purity, and the circulation of prana through our etheric body will determine the quality of our health, and also the quality of our emotional and mental well-being, including our thinking.
From the surface of the body are perpendicular etheric rays projecting outwards towards the Etheric bodyperimeter of the outer aura. These are your health rays and work as a force field to protect the whole body from germs and disease. Toxins and the bodies' pollutants are driven out through these health rays. When a person is weak or sick these health rays can droop and also become tangled.
With a healthy person, the health rays are clairvoyantly seen as fine bright white lines; but with a sick person, or someone with a lot of toxins in their body, these fine white lines or rays look greyish in appearance and are coarse rather than fine. Beyond these health rays, the aura, which is an inverted egg shape, is multi-coloured, and the colours change depending upon various influences including the physical, mental, and emotional states of the person.
Basically it is this etheric body that is the vehicle for pranic energy. You could say that this aura is the vehicle or container surrounding our physical body that holds and contains our consciousness.
Through clairvoyance and Kirlian photography it has been seen that clogged or dwindling areas of pranic energy appears in the etheric body prior to a disease of the physical body. It has also been seen that a man will still retain his etheric double, his inner aura after the amputation of a limb. Thus this is an explanation for phantom limb pain.
The more man starts to understand and to know about his own body, the more amazing and wonderful he realizes it is.
Only nature can heal itself. The human body can repair itself via the prana it breathes, via the prana from the food it eats, and the water it drinks. The body can also be healed by pranic energy directed by another person.
Mesmer said that he could heal another person simply by his touch and by the direction of a flow of Universal energy.
There are four main types of prana that the human body absorbs. Air prana, breathed in, solar prana from the sun, and of course too much solar prana can be bad for us, causing sunburn and sunstroke. Ground prana, which is absorbed through the feet and especially by walking barefoot, or by lying on the ground and lastly, a certain amount of prana from the fresh food we eat and water we drink.
The easiest way to absorb extra pranic energy is from breathing exercises. This is a science in itself known to the Indian yogis for thousands of years and is called "pranayama".
Certain breathing exercises may produce clairvoyant powers. These clairvoyant powers are derived from residues of the kundalini energy. The famous Indian monk Swami Vivekananda states in his own commentaries that all prayers and miracles are the direct result of kundalini energy, and not from an external source.
The powers derived from pranayama are gained from the potency and strength of the thought behind the breath. Affirmations are more potent when they are focused on the outward breath.
Another key here is in the aphorism, "Energy follows thought".

Any form of yogic breathing is extremely powerful. In my opinion the technique and correct methodBuddha experienced enlightenment meditating under a tree is not as important as intention, and moderation. This cannot be stressed enough. Intention, and moderation. Pranayama, or yoga breathing cleanses the aura, the chakras, and the nadi, the energy channels. Once these are purified and cleansed it makes an easier passage for the kundalini.
I used to practice tree hugging. I had an old beech tree that I built a relationship with. I would approach the tree, hug it, and ask the tree for some of its surplus pranic energy. Trees are known for extruding vast amounts of prana, especially old pine trees. I would then sit under the tree and do very slow deep rhythmic breathing for around ten to fifteen minutes. My whole body would begin to tingle. I would visualize the pranic energy filling my chakras, filling my body, with pure white light. I practiced this for around two months. It was during this time I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. Could it be that a tree, an old beech tree was to become my biggest teacher in life. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” Is this what happened for Buddha? (So I have heard.)



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