The key to unlock the door and the fastest, most direct way to wake up is through love. The combination to the lock is, "As a man thinketh so is he." Energy follows thought, why not try this following exercise, you will not know whether I tell the truth or not until you seriously practice it.
This is a good step towards kundalini, self-realization and self-mastery, For you will consciously be starting to control your thoughts and learning how to hold and direct them in a positive way, and you will also start to open your heart. This in turn will make you more highly aware of your environment and surroundings and you will start to be more in tune with everything, and everybody around you. Above all it will make you feel good inside, it takes only a little effort, and is a form of active meditation that you can practice all day long. Opening the heart is needed to fully awaken the kundalini safely, and this is one way to do just that.

Greetings, I bring you the good news that you can have a Beautiful Day.
No matter where you are or what the circumstances are, if you want to feel good and beautiful inside yourself, you can, simply by focusing your thoughts on love.
There are two simple ways everyone can focus their thoughts on love. Both are done silently and no one else will know what you are doing except that they also will start feeling good around you. Try these out and see how soon you start feeling good and beautiful inside.
One way is to silently say, "Dear everyone, I love you" over and over and over again to all you see.
The other way is to silently say, "I love you and God Bless You" over and over and over – either of these can be silently said for hours on end.
Say either of these continuously to people, animals, birds, trees and plants and see how these simple ways of focusing on love will give you a natural high and soon have you feeling good and beautiful inside. At first it may seem like empty words; that's okay, for the idea is to focus on love. If you persevere you will get to realize that some level inside of you (and all people) does have a genuine caring and sense of love for all living things. Then as the love starts filling you and flowing out through you, your words will no longer be empty words.
As you tap into this greater awareness of yourself, these silent words you are saying will start to become powerful transformers that bring healing and upliftment and goodness to yourself and those around you.
Focusing on love will bring miracles into any person's life…
Yet we each won't really know for ourselves until we really give it a try and get our own proof.

To make this exercise even more potent as you repeat this affirmation, do it on the outward breath. Also if you are sending this affirmation towards people imagine that you are sending them rays of translucent dazzling light pink light. Imagine this light streaming forth from the very centre of your chest, next to your heart, and surrounding them completely, bathing them in a beautiful pink aura.

kundalini yantra.


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