One, or acombination of these five things are needed to safely awaken the kundalini.
1.) Prana. It is the prana, and its reverse flow that stimulates a full kundalini awakening. Pranayama, or just deep rhythmic yogic breathing starts to activate the process. Any form of yogic breathing will work. The secret is rhythm, and retention of breath. From retaining the breath for a brief moment, or a short time, then the chakras are then stretched, like elastic, and they expand, and also prana begins to be stored in the body. (So I have heard.)
2.) Meditation and or prayer. Basically meditation is really a mode of prayer. It is the single minded pointedeness, the concentrated thought seed, that in turn assists in stilling the mind, or bringing the mind into a state of quiescence. From the state of concentration this naturally leads into contemplation, and then true meditation. (Don’t worry if you haven’t a lot of experience in meditation. It is you intention, persistence, and willingness with faith that is needed. Meditate upon the heart centre.)
3.) Strong emotional content. Reverence, love, devotion, or any positive emotion. Activation of the heart centre is the fastest and safest method. On this website there is an affirmation technique on the page. The reason it is recommended by spiritual masters to practise service/voluntary work, is again this helps to activate the heart centre.
4.) Circulation of the energy. Once the heart centre is activated, then the head centres need to be activated. The key here is ‘energy follows thought’. Meditation upon the ajna chakra/third eye (pituituary gland) in turn stimulates the Sahasrara/crown chakra (pineal gland). When the ajana chakra is activated, these two head centres vibrate naturally together, and create what might be described as a magnetic field in the mind, the twelve inner petals of the Sahasrara (the thousand petal lotus, in fact 972 petals) in turn vibrate with the same vibration of the twelve petals of the Anahata chakra/heart centre. This is when kundalini rises, and mystical illumination beyond words is the direct result.(So I have heard)
5.) Persistence. This will not occur without practice. It is no good reading this, and thinking it sounds interesting. You have to practise every day, and one day, when you least expect it, you will be blessed. (So I have heard? As with all these things you need to try it to find out for yourSelf.)
6.) Receive shaktipat then you need not do anything, just completely surrender.


One evening while sitting together with my partner, in meditation, something extraordinary, something beyond words and description happened. I was deep within my mind, meditating. In fact it was almost as though I had slipped from meditation into sleep, and then my body seemed to twitch, and jerk abruptly, I felt a strong sort of snapping feeling in the region of the medulla oblongata, then suddenly, an almighty enormous explosion happened. This incredible light, brighterKundalini Awakening and spiritual illumination is beyond words than the sun, purer than freshly fallen snow, more radiant than anything I had ever seen, filled my entire being. It was so intense, it was so bright, yet not blinding. I opened my eyes, only to discover I was still sitting in a dimly lit room. Upon closing my eyes, my head was full of light. It radiated through my entire being. It stretched out into the Universe, beyond the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, into and beyond all galaxies. It was an experience of super sensuous joy and bliss beyond words. I had become One with the Light with a sense of Being and expanding beyond the boundaries of the Universe. This was something that can only be experienced, beyond the limitations of words, something astounding, astonishing, absolutely amazing, extraordinary, unbelievable, inexplicable, literally a truly mind-blowing experience; this was illumination, a kundalini awakening, a level of self-realization and enlightenment. One can understand why the ancient mystic masters remained silent about it, and the means of accomplishing it were enclosed in secrecy. Little did I know then, but this one experience was going to completely change the rest of my life.
For some a kundalini awakening experience may be sudden and quite unexpected, as it was for myself. For others it may be a slow and gradual process.


Signs and symptoms of a kundalini awakening.

Twitching and jerking of the muscles, your body begins trembling.

Feelings of electricity circulating around the body. Mild electric shocks. Possible problems with electrical appliances. Energy rushes in the body.

Rashes, itching, and tingling.

Intense hot or cold feelings. Sometimes burning as though one is on fire.

Unusual body postures, and being able to perform yoga asanas that you’ve never done before. The tongue reverts back or rises up towards the soft palate. The body becomes so active that you are unable to sit still, your hands and legs stretch out forcibly.

A feeling of bodily existence for the time being is lost, in other words you feel as if there is no body, or you may feel an arm or a leg or part of your body is no longer there.

Headaches and pulsating feeling in the forehead.

Titillation of the genital area, spine, or head.

Intensified libido, and spasmodic orgasms, or the opposite and complete lack of sexual drive. Orgasm sensations in different areas of the body. Semen release by itself.

Feeling very fatigued or extremely energised.

Lower back pain.

Burning in and around the spine.

Depression or anxiety attacks, due to not understanding of what is going on.


You feel intoxicated without taking any drugs, while walking your steps are like someone who is drunk.

Vivid dreams.

When you are in meditation you have divine visions, divine smells, divine sounds, see divine figures, and receive instructions from God.

Unusual outbursts of crying or laughing.

Hearing inner sounds, the ringing of bells, gongs, the music of flutes, the humming of bees, bird singing, drums beating.

Going into trance and having mystical experiences.

Experiencing extreme bliss and love.

Smelling beautiful fragrances, incense, flowers, and other smells.

OBE out of body experiences, astral travel, dreams and visions.
Increase in one’s ability and skills and talents regarding the arts and music.

Seeing coloured lights and bright white light.

Increased intuition along with a direct knowing.

Of course someone may experience several of the above phenomena and not be experiencing a kundalini awakening at all. The symptoms can relate closely to psychosis or severe depression. However when psychic activity begins, telepathy, OBE, precognition, and other psychic abilities like seeing aura’s most people would realise that they are having a mystical experience.
Once the kundalini has risen then as previous mentioned siddhi powers may develop, and these are advanced forms of clairvoyance. Being able to hear a conversation between two people that are several miles away, being able to have the strength of an elephant, or to reduce oneself to the size of an ant, or even to become invisible. To levitate, bi-location, being in two places and the same time, and many more things too. What or which siddhi powers you are able to use varies with each of us. Dr.Ravindra Kumar in one of his many books on kundalini awakening states that he could uproot a large tree with a wave of his finger. On one occasion I believe I had a certain control of the wind, and on another occasion as I walked down my garden in samadhi (supra-consciousness) the birds and wild animals became as if tame, with no fear for me, so much so that I could have stretched my hand out and touched the wild birds. A squirrel ran up to me and sat at my feet looking up at me. Wow... These things again are beyond words, and possibly best not spoken of. The major numerous siddhi’s are described in some depth the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, but it is important to realise that for an individual not all of the siddhi’s are obtainable, and also that these are a distraction upon the Path, and to obtain moksa, liberation, all siddhi’s should actually be ignored, or recognised as unimportant, all apart from one, that one being the highest siddhi of all - realization of the Self.



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